Laura’s Maternity Photo Shoot


Laura is due her second baby in a few weeks and we celebrated her beautiful bump with a maternity session at Dreamers Bay. The sun was out, the sea was perfectly blue and Laura looked perfect.
We spent an hour capturing the sheer beauty of her and her bump, we laughed a lot and I even ended up in the sea in my jeans! My husband joined us this time round as Laura’s husband was at work and it always helps if I have an assistant on my photo shoots. To be honest we just spent the hour laughing at him and his “incidents”. He fell in to the sea on numerous occasions and I’m pretty surprised we brought him home in one piece.

As always, my pictures tell a much better story than my words so here you go, enjoy.


Laura Maternity | Katie Garcha (more…)

Jolene get’s her kit off. Almost!


Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of Katie Garcha.

I know I haven’t written a blog since October but I felt like I was writing about the same things over and over again so I decided to take some time away. Today I had the very gorgeous Jolene in the studio and I have to blog our session.
Jolene is a very good friend of mine and is an absolute inspiration. A few years ago, Jolene was in a very bad car accident in which she was seriously injured. Now, I wont go in to detail because I know she will read this and I hate the thought of her re living the event as I have seen first hand what it does to her. Let’s just put it this way, she is a warrior! And a bloody gorgeous one at that.
Yes I know I am singing her praises but if anyone has shown me that life is to be lived, it’s Jolene. She is one of my best friends and I love her to bits!

Anyway, Jolene is currently over in Cyprus with us for a few months and I have been desperate to try out some boudoir type shoots. So I asked her if she would be up for it and my goodness I am glad she agreed. I am so happy with the result and I hope you all like them too.

Everyone woman deserves to be shown just how stunning they are and I am a true believer that everyone is beautiful.  This is the exact reason I am going to be offering these sessions from March 2016. I want women to come in to my studio, get a make over with a professional make up artist then enjoy having fun whilst I capture every bit of their beauty.

I really hope you enjoy these images :)jolene | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)

Oliver’s Cake Smash


Oliver’s cake smash was so much fun. He went straight in for the cake and really enjoyed the messy play and even managed to cover his parents in cake and icing. I love my cake smash sessions as I just enjoy seeing the joy and excitement on a child’s face when they realise what is actually happening.
I had so much fun with Oliver, he was so into his cake and just loved making mess, even whilst he was in the bath for the clean up part. He giggled his way through his splash session and made a royal mess in the studio, that’s just the way I like a session to be. Fun, messy and full of giggles!

It just makes me so happy knowing that for the past 3 years I have been giving children and their parents such a wonderful gift for their 1st birthday. I mean 1st birthday’s are so hard to buy for, what does a 1 year old actually need or want? They get clothes and toys from almost everyone so being able to do a cake smash and give a family those memories is an honour. This is the exact reason I will be getting cake smash vouchers very soon! This way friends and family can all put towards a cake smash session for your little ones big day.

It’s pretty darn hard to cut it down to my favourites so here are a little more than a few of my favourite images from the very gorgeous Oliver’s Cake smash.

Oliver's Cake Smash | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)

Beach session with the Dent Family


Hello again,

Today I have some of my favourite images from a recent beach session with the lovely Dent family. I absolutely loved this session, the views around us are just amazing and I must admit I do feel pretty blessed to live in such a beautiful place. There are so many places for cliffside and beach shoots and I’m literally spoilt for choice!  Every time I do a beach shoot I end up sitting around for a while afterwards just looking around taking in the views, I love that for the next 3 years of my life I have such natural beauty surrounding me.

The Dent family were just amazing, the boys were fantastic the whole way through! Little Tyler was a superstar and had so much fun posing and shouting, “biscuits” at me. I do that as it always gets a natural smile out of kids, so many children don’t like to smile for the camera so I find shouting random words at me usually gets them having fun and smiling like a pro. He was super helpful with his baby brother and really helped me get the shots of them together.

I was reading through some of my previous blogs today and I cannot believe that this is my 50’th blog!!! So, as I always do when I hit milestones, I am going to throw in a very special offer! Send me a private message on my facebook page with the words, “well done on 50!” And you will get €50 off my Gold location package!! There are only 5 of these available so be quick! Sessions are for September only.

Anyway before I blab on again, here are the beautiful  Dent family pictures!
Enjoy xDent | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)

Wedding of Mr and Mrs Morris – May 2015


I was asked by a very dear friend if I would consider photographing her wedding.Of course I said yes and I am so glad that I did. Jade and Caspar had a beautiful rainbow themed wedding and the whole day was just full of love and laughter. It was an absolute honour being a part of such an amazing couples day. I had met Jade and Caspar before as I photographed their middle child’s cake smash, I then went on to photograph Jade birthing her youngest Son Edward and 2 weeks later we did his newborn photoshoot. So watching them become husband and wife brought tears to my eyes. Now obviously crying and photographing a wedding doesn’t mix well…mascara, that is all I am saying! From now on I’ll be carrying make up remover wipes with me!

Jade looked absolutely stunning on the day! Her dress was gorgeous and she was glowing, you know how people say when you so happy you glow? Well Jade was glowing! She looked Perfect. I went along to her parents house to photograph her having her make up done and getting into her dress, everyone was so happy and relaxed, it was such a beautiful atmosphere to be in.

We soon left for the church which was literally around the corner and the ceremony began. I must admit, I get a bit emotional at every wedding I do, I mean you watching two people become family. They are making vows to each other and sharing their love with everyone there. It’s beautiful.

As for the cake, how stunning! I’m actually hungry for cake just looking at it!

Anyway before I go on and on and bore you all about love and romance, here are my favourite images from the day :)

Enjoy x (more…)

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