Beach session with the Dent Family


Hello again,

Today I have some of my favourite images from a recent beach session with the lovely Dent family. I absolutely loved this session, the views around us are just amazing and I must admit I do feel pretty blessed to live in such a beautiful place. There are so many places for cliffside and beach shoots and I’m literally spoilt for choice!  Every time I do a beach shoot I end up sitting around for a while afterwards just looking around taking in the views, I love that for the next 3 years of my life I have such natural beauty surrounding me.

The Dent family were just amazing, the boys were fantastic the whole way through! Little Tyler was a superstar and had so much fun posing and shouting, “biscuits” at me. I do that as it always gets a natural smile out of kids, so many children don’t like to smile for the camera so I find shouting random words at me usually gets them having fun and smiling like a pro. He was super helpful with his baby brother and really helped me get the shots of them together.

I was reading through some of my previous blogs today and I cannot believe that this is my 50’th blog!!! So, as I always do when I hit milestones, I am going to throw in a very special offer! Send me a private message on my facebook page with the words, “well done on 50!” And you will get €50 off my Gold location package!! There are only 5 of these available so be quick! Sessions are for September only.

Anyway before I blab on again, here are the beautiful  Dent family pictures!
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