Brooke’s Cake Smash


I love when babies turn One year old, I think it is the most special birthday of a persons life.I love it so much that I let babies come to the studio and get very messy with a lovely big chocolate cake. 

 The first birthday cake smash is something I thought of back when my eldest daughter was about to turn the big One. I had no idea what to buy her…babies don’t need a lot at that age and we have a huge family so I knew she was about to get enough clothes to keep her going for another year, enough toys to fill a day care unit and plenty of special items that would be treasured by her for a lifetime. So…cake smash! Why not buy her a cake, take pictures of her smashing up the cake and print off the pictures for her bedroom wall. I even made a canvas for her. I loved it.

Now I do cake smash photo shoots every week. I get to see another little baby turning a year old and I was there to give the parents this special memory that they will most likely look back on for years and years to come. Parents love it just as much as the babies do, it really is so much fun.

Any way I recently had a beautiful little girl called Brooke who came for her Cake smash photoshoot. We had such fun playing with cake, dancing to music and getting messy.  Here are some images from Brooke’s photoshoot.