Wedding of Mr and Mrs Morris – May 2015


I was asked by a very dear friend if I would consider photographing her wedding.Of course I said yes and I am so glad that I did. Jade and Caspar had a beautiful rainbow themed wedding and the whole day was just full of love and laughter. It was an absolute honour being a part of such an amazing couples day. I had met Jade and Caspar before as I photographed their middle child’s cake smash, I then went on to photograph Jade birthing her youngest Son Edward and 2 weeks later we did his newborn photoshoot. So watching them become husband and wife brought tears to my eyes. Now obviously crying and photographing a wedding doesn’t mix well…mascara, that is all I am saying! From now on I’ll be carrying make up remover wipes with me!

Jade looked absolutely stunning on the day! Her dress was gorgeous and she was glowing, you know how people say when you so happy you glow? Well Jade was glowing! She looked Perfect. I went along to her parents house to photograph her having her make up done and getting into her dress, everyone was so happy and relaxed, it was such a beautiful atmosphere to be in.

We soon left for the church which was literally around the corner and the ceremony began. I must admit, I get a bit emotional at every wedding I do, I mean you watching two people become family. They are making vows to each other and sharing their love with everyone there. It’s beautiful.

As for the cake, how stunning! I’m actually hungry for cake just looking at it!

Anyway before I go on and on and bore you all about love and romance, here are my favourite images from the day :)

Enjoy x


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