Trash The Dress Shoot


My first trash the dress shoot!

I have always wanted to have a go at a trash the dress shoot, so when my good friend Vicki asked me if I would do a dress trash shoot with her I was thrilled. We had so much fun, throwing mud around like kids and not really caring about how messy the dress got. I was awesome! I shoot Weddings every month and am always to careful with the dress so being able to let loose and go nuts was amazing!

With this being a personal project I have included more images in this blog than usual, mostly because I am pretty proud of them. There’s really nothing like that feeling when you finally get to see the idea’s you’ve been holding in your head for so long, finally come to life and what’s even better is that I got to do this with a very good friend of mine.

A trash the dress shoot isn’t for everyone but as a good friend said to me, “I wanted to give my dress to my daughter but I have all boys, what do I do with my dress?” TRASH IT! If you are bored of having your Wedding dress in your wardrobe and have no plans to pass it on or make anything out of it, have a little fun. Get it back on, get dolled up and trash the dress!


Anyway, here’s the evidence of how much fun it is!

Enjoy x (more…)

Happy Birthday Pearl


Happy Birthday Pearl!

Well this gorgeous little girly turned the big ONE last week and we had a mini celebration in the studio. Pearl enjoyed her birthday cake smash so much that I’m pretty sure she would have stayed until closing.
The smiles on Pearls face were so natural and honest, I loved how much fun she was having with her cake and how much she enjoyed being messy. After Pearl had finished making a huge mess with her cake, we brought out the vintage bath tub. And yes, it is a new one! I found this lovely bit of history at The Old Pill Factory, Witney. You can find the website link at the bottom of the page.
I am usually very good at judging who will be a professional splasher and who will just enjoy the warmth of the lovely warm water in the bath tub, well this time I was so very, very wrong. Pearl was an epic splasher, I literally had to take a step back to ensure my camera didn’t get wet. She was amazing!!

All in all we had a wonderful hour in the studio and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with little Pearl. So before I blather on about how much I love my job, here are my favourite images from the day.

Enjoy x
Happy Birthday Pearl (more…)

February at Katie Garcha Photography


Well hello there and welcome to February’s blog, I have been extremely busy this month as I decided to design and create a calendar to raise funds for the blue cross animal charity.
This month I have been on many photoshoots with dogs from all walks of life, some of the dogs I met were in fact rescued from the blue cross and are so happy to be giving something back. I have had so much fun and have heard so many lovely stories. It has been an amazing month so I want to show you a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to.

I am still on the look out for small breed dogs who are happy to have a studio photoshoot. If your interested please send me an email via my contact page.


Anyway here are some of my favourites so far, Enjoy x

The Campbell Family


The gorgeous Campbell family came to see me back in December for a studio shoot in order to get some nice photo’s of their daughter in her baptism gown. We ended up doing a full studio shoot so we could include the whole family.
I really enjoyed this shoot and the family were an absolute joy to work with, I must admit it’s refreshing to have clients who bring their own ideas. As much as I love sharing all my own ideas, I absolutely love it when people have their own ideas. Like I always say, they’re your images so tell me what it is you want.

I have not done many family studio sessions lately as most people seem to brave the outdoors. I do love a good studio shoot however I find so many people who find it very daunting coming into a studio and being the centre of attention. I am very easy going and always happy to take a brake if needed, there tea and coffee on hand at all times and with the studio being in my home theres all the comforts of your own home right here.

Katie Garcha Photography

Katie Garcha Photography | Campbell Family

Anyway before I waffle on, here are my favourite images from the shoot.
Enjoy x (more…)

The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Dix


The wedding of Mr & Mrs Dix took place on 22nd November 2014 at the Crown of Crucis in Cirencester.

What a beautiful day it was, the beautiful bride looked stunning in her dress as she waited for the ceremony to start. The bridesmaids looked amazing stood beside their bride ready to support her throughout her Wedding day and as I entered the main room I could see the nerves rushing through the Groom as he heard everyone stand up. Everyone turned around to watch Stephanie walk down the isle on her Fathers arm, she had a beaming smile on her face as every step took her closer to becoming Mrs Dix.

As the day went on the atmosphere changed and the fun began. We explored the beautiful grounds of the hotel for the photographs of the bride and groom before we invited the groomsmen and bridesmaids out for some group shots.

As the sun began to set and the disco began, the children were busy running around the dance floor and making some pretty awesome dance moves. Time seemed to fly as before we knew it, the couple were cutting their cake and soon began their first ever dance as husband and wife.

I hope you enjoy the story of their day which I will show you through my images. If you like my work, please like and share this blog and check out the like for my website at the bottom of this post.

Enjoy x

Mr & Mrs Dix (more…)

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