Stephanie and Mike’s Pre Wedding Shoot


Stephanie and Mike joined me for there Pre Wedding shoot recently and as you all know I love Weddings, I love the atmosphere and the fact that you can see the love the couple have for each other every time they lay eyes on one another. Pre Wedding Shoots are amazing! The excitement is there, the couple are still planning their big day and I personally get to witness the love the two of them have for one another and you can see exactly why they are choosing each other as their bride or groom. It is truly an honour to be chosen to witness and capture such a special time in a family’s life. I am giving the greatest gift I feel I could give, memories you can see and share time and time again. The day goes by in such a whirlwind for the special couple and I love seeing to the looks on their faces when they see how amazing their day was.
As with wedding’s, each pre wedding shoot is different, I aim to make every shoot special to the couple and I carry the same theme on throughout the Wedding pictures.

Here are my favourites from Stephanie and Mike’s Pre Wedding Shoot. Pre Wedding Shoot | ©Katie Garcha Photography Pre Wedding Shoot | ©Katie Garcha Photography ©Katie Garcha Photography ©Katie Garcha Photography ©Katie Garcha Photography ©Katie Garcha Photography©Katie Garcha Photography


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