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The Campbell Family


The gorgeous Campbell family came to see me back in December for a studio shoot in order to get some nice photo’s of their daughter in her baptism gown. We ended up doing a full studio shoot so we could include the whole family.
I really enjoyed this shoot and the family were an absolute joy to work with, I must admit it’s refreshing to have clients who bring their own ideas. As much as I love sharing all my own ideas, I absolutely love it when people have their own ideas. Like I always say, they’re your images so tell me what it is you want.

I have not done many family studio sessions lately as most people seem to brave the outdoors. I do love a good studio shoot however I find so many people who find it very daunting coming into a studio and being the centre of attention. I am very easy going and always happy to take a brake if needed, there tea and coffee on hand at all times and with the studio being in my home theres all the comforts of your own home right here.

Katie Garcha Photography

Katie Garcha Photography | Campbell Family

Anyway before I waffle on, here are my favourite images from the shoot.
Enjoy x (more…)

Mr & Mrs Turner Wedding


The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Turner

I love weddings, I love the atmosphere, the nerves, the emotions and the absolute love you see as the couple exchange their vows. The way the day all of a sudden changes once the ceremony is over always amazes me. All the nerves are gone and everyone takes a breath and gets on with enjoying themselves. It is such a lovely thing to be able to capture and be a part of.

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Turner was held in Macclesfield at Heaton House Farm.
It was such a beautiful location and the grounds were absolutely stunning, I would love to sit up there one day and just photograph the landscape, miles and miles of sheer beauty. The rolling hills were such a perfect backdrop and the amazing tree was perfect for framing my shots.

Although it was a very cold and very windy day they sun came out and the wedding began, Chloe looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle on her fathers arm and Chris was bursting with joy, I’m pretty sure I saw a tear in there somewhere. I do love it when you see men get seriously emotional when they finally see their bride, happiness just bursting out of them.

The ceremony was lovely and the couple looked amazing. After the ceremony we braved the outside for a while to get the couple shots before joining the others on the hill for the group shots.
As I always do, I will tell you the story through my images and stop waffling on.


Enjoy x


The Birth Of Baby Edward


The birth of baby Edward.

It was 10.35pm and I was on my sofa watching television with my husband, both my daughters were fast asleep in their beds and I thought I was in for a nice peaceful night on the sofa with the hubby. That soon changed when I received a text message which read “Hey Katie. Things are happening at Jades.”   My first ever birth client had gone into labour and I was a little excited.

At the time of the text Jade was 4cm dilated so I had plenty of time to get myself sorted and make the journey to her house which was around 30 minutes away. I packed my bag, packed a change of clothes and everything else that I required to keep me going for at least 24 hours. As a mum myself I know that labour can take a very long time and I wanted to be prepared.
I jumped into the car and drove to the home where Jade was giving birth.I was met at the door by one of the midwives, who showed me where to go. Once in the room I realised that this was moving along much faster than we had originally thought. Jade was in the birthing pool having a contraction, her partner was sat in front of her holding her close and supporting her as she breathed through the pain. It was very clear from the moment I walked in that the support Jade had was amazing.

It wasn’t long until the midwife decided to do an examination and told Jade that she was between 7 and 8 cm dilated. We figured it would be a few more hours until the birth but little Edward had different ideas. Just a little longer than 10 minutes later and his head had been born. Unfortunately the mood soon changed as the midwife felt that the cord was around Edward’s neck. They pulled Jade out of the pool an onto sofa and just moments later he was born, safe and healthy.

He was beautiful! Both mummy and Edward were brilliant and I was so proud of Jade. It is weird to be proud of someone you have only met 3 times but my goodness I was proud of her.

Even though this was the first time I had ever photographed a birth, I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Everyone in the room made sure I got the shots I needed and didn’t make me feel like I was in the way at all. I expected to feel the  complete opposite but I was totally welcome and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Obviously these images are not for everyone and I do not expect everyone to like them so please do not leave any negative comments.

Here is the story of Edward’s birth in pictures, Enjoy x   Birth of Baby Edward (more…)

Elizabeth’s Cake Smash


Another gorgeous baby recently turned one and it was time for Elizabeth’s cake smash.  Some of you may remember Elizabeth as I photographed her last year and I won an award for one of her images.

As I keep saying to her parents, I cannot believe that she is one year old already, it really seems like just a few weeks ago she was a sleepy baby having some pictures done with her mummy and daddy.

As you are all aware, I absolutely love my cake smash sessions. I love the fact that a teeny little human is coming into my studio, being presented with a cake which is almost the same size as them and expected to just eat it and smash it to pieces.  I mean who wouldn’t want to do that, I know I would but then I am a 26 year old woman with 2 children and a big old love of cake!

Anyway, back to the gorgeous Elizabeth. Here are her images, enjoy! Cake Smash (more…)

Mr & Mrs Norridge


Well on 24th May 2014 I turned up to the stunning Heythrop Park Hall in Oxfordshire for the Norridge Wedding, it was pouring it down which is every Photographer and Brides nightmare. But on I went, photographing the beautiful bride to be getting her hair and make up done. Just as I went downstairs to see the Groom…….. out came the sun. That was it, the sun shone all day and my goodness it was beautiful. What an honour it was to photograph these two beautiful people on their Wedding day. I really enjoyed myself and it was very clear so did everyone who attended. Many Congratulations to the lovely Bride and Groom.

Here are my favourite images from the day.Norridge Wedding | Heythrop Park | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)

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