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Christmas Cake Smash 2014


Christmas cake smash, oh yes I went ahead with it and so far so good. I am absolutely in love with the work and everyone who has been to the studio has said how much fun they have had. All of this make me one happy Katie and obviously some VERY happy children. Seeing their faces when they walk in the room to find a whole cake just for them, it amazes me every time. The instant mischievous look in their eyes as they look around to see if this is really happening. This is something you just don’t really get with 1st birthday cake smash. One year old babies just want to play with this cool thing in front of them. Older children know it’s bad to play with their food so just want to get right in their and make some crazy mess.
Although one thing that definitely surprised me was the lack of eating that was going on. One year old babies actually eat more of the cake that 5 year olds!!! That shocked me a little but hey they were perfectly happy using the cake as a weapon! I love the joy you see in their angelic little faces when they get mum or dad messy with cake knowing they can’t tell them off! Oops. Let’s call that one my bad.
I have been so, so busy lately and I really wanted to do individual blog posts but I would have at least a week between posts, so I decided to find my favourite from the first three shoots and put them together in one blog post for you all to see.

I hope you like them, Enjoy x

Christmas Cake Smash (more…)

Ewan’s Birthday Cake Smash


Today I am talking about Ewan’s Birthday Cake Smash….

The gorgeous Ewan came in for his 1st birthday cake smash recently, after a little period of “why are you all staring at me” he settled into his cake smash and made a royal mess…which we love! He was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed watching his face light up when he tasted the cake and his expression as he enjoyed mushing and smashing the cake to oblivion.

His gorgeous smile was incredibly infectious and his gorgeously cheeky laugh really made my day, once he got in to it, his smashing skills really came out and we had loads of fun.

If you follow my blog you will know just how much I enjoy photographing cake smashes, every single one is so unique and no matter how the child reacts to the gigantic cake they are presented with it always turns out to be loads of fun.

Ewan was no exception, like most, he was a little cautious to start with. Not that I blame him… I mean…. I would be too,  if I was presented with a giant cupcake and told so smash it and make mess all whilst in someone else’s house! We spend so much time cleaning up our babies and making sure they are clear from bogies, and the remains of dinner that when we want them to get messy, they kinda look at us funny.

So….. here are my favourite shots from Ewan’s cake smash, Enjoy xEwan's Birthday Cake Smash (more…)

Royal International Air Tattoo


As you all know, I adore my family. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who light up my life. My life before my family was the military, I served in the Royal Air Force as a Police Dog handler. I loved my job and would have spent my life serving my country…..but then I met Aaron and fell head over heals in love!  Aaron has given me a wonderful life and two gorgeous little girls. So now I live as a military wife, it’s not so bad and it does have it’s perks. For example, the Royal International Air Tattoo. I love everything Military, especially the planes. My eldest daughter is the same, she adores planes. You will notice this in one particular image below. So R.I.A.T is a huge deal to us as a family, we Love it! Anyway, R.I.A.T was last weekend and I took my camera along.   Here are some images from the day. This is my family…….and the red arrows!

Royal Air Force | Red Arrows | R.I.A.T | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)



This little munchkin is too adorable for words. Her big blue eyes get me every time I have her in the studio. This time round we decided to have a play in the bath tub with lots of bubbles. She loved every second of this shoot and I must admit so did I. (more…)