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The Perrin Family shoot


The Perrin family

The Perrin family contacted me to book in for a surprise photo shoot. Mr Perrin aka Dad, didn’t have a clue that his lovely wife a two adorable children were having a photoshoot done. As it turns out the photo he has on his desk was a teeny bit old! We needed to update it and get mum and the two children in a picture together. One he could have on his desk at work, look at everyday and see his family smiling back at him. We decided to visit Kourion Ruins which is absolutely stunning! (link to Kourion can be found at the end of this post)

We took a nice slow stroll around the grounds and found some lovely places to settle down and take some shots. One thing a realised very quickly is that it was 31 degrees and the sun was harsh, I worked with it but it was obvious that a full hours shoot in this heat would cause problems. No one likes a sweaty look about them in their photo’s now do they?

We had such fun exploring and I finally felt like I was fully back at work. As most of you know, we have only just moved over to Cyprus and I had taken just over a month off of work. Normally that would be heaven but when your hobby is your job, you miss it, really miss it. I love my job so much that it didn’t matter what had to be done, I wanted to be back at work the day I landed in Cyprus….. Obviously I didn’t do that but I really wanted to. Instead we spent 3 weeks exploring the Island and finding lots of lovely places for photoshoots. I always like to go exploring so I can offer new places to my clients. I spent 3 weeks learning about lighting and the suns positioning in the sky at certain times. Anyway, I loved the photoshoot and the family were just lovely.

Before I go on and on about how amazing everything was, here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot, I hope you like them. If you do, why not give it a share on facebook :)

Enjoy xKatie Garcha Photography | Perrin Family (more…)

Happy Birthday Pearl


Happy Birthday Pearl!

Well this gorgeous little girly turned the big ONE last week and we had a mini celebration in the studio. Pearl enjoyed her birthday cake smash so much that I’m pretty sure she would have stayed until closing.
The smiles on Pearls face were so natural and honest, I loved how much fun she was having with her cake and how much she enjoyed being messy. After Pearl had finished making a huge mess with her cake, we brought out the vintage bath tub. And yes, it is a new one! I found this lovely bit of history at The Old Pill Factory, Witney. You can find the website link at the bottom of the page.
I am usually very good at judging who will be a professional splasher and who will just enjoy the warmth of the lovely warm water in the bath tub, well this time I was so very, very wrong. Pearl was an epic splasher, I literally had to take a step back to ensure my camera didn’t get wet. She was amazing!!

All in all we had a wonderful hour in the studio and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with little Pearl. So before I blather on about how much I love my job, here are my favourite images from the day.

Enjoy x
Happy Birthday Pearl (more…)

Mr & Mrs Turner Wedding


The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Turner

I love weddings, I love the atmosphere, the nerves, the emotions and the absolute love you see as the couple exchange their vows. The way the day all of a sudden changes once the ceremony is over always amazes me. All the nerves are gone and everyone takes a breath and gets on with enjoying themselves. It is such a lovely thing to be able to capture and be a part of.

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Turner was held in Macclesfield at Heaton House Farm.
It was such a beautiful location and the grounds were absolutely stunning, I would love to sit up there one day and just photograph the landscape, miles and miles of sheer beauty. The rolling hills were such a perfect backdrop and the amazing tree was perfect for framing my shots.

Although it was a very cold and very windy day they sun came out and the wedding began, Chloe looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle on her fathers arm and Chris was bursting with joy, I’m pretty sure I saw a tear in there somewhere. I do love it when you see men get seriously emotional when they finally see their bride, happiness just bursting out of them.

The ceremony was lovely and the couple looked amazing. After the ceremony we braved the outside for a while to get the couple shots before joining the others on the hill for the group shots.
As I always do, I will tell you the story through my images and stop waffling on.


Enjoy x


The Birth Of Baby Edward


The birth of baby Edward.

It was 10.35pm and I was on my sofa watching television with my husband, both my daughters were fast asleep in their beds and I thought I was in for a nice peaceful night on the sofa with the hubby. That soon changed when I received a text message which read “Hey Katie. Things are happening at Jades.”   My first ever birth client had gone into labour and I was a little excited.

At the time of the text Jade was 4cm dilated so I had plenty of time to get myself sorted and make the journey to her house which was around 30 minutes away. I packed my bag, packed a change of clothes and everything else that I required to keep me going for at least 24 hours. As a mum myself I know that labour can take a very long time and I wanted to be prepared.
I jumped into the car and drove to the home where Jade was giving birth.I was met at the door by one of the midwives, who showed me where to go. Once in the room I realised that this was moving along much faster than we had originally thought. Jade was in the birthing pool having a contraction, her partner was sat in front of her holding her close and supporting her as she breathed through the pain. It was very clear from the moment I walked in that the support Jade had was amazing.

It wasn’t long until the midwife decided to do an examination and told Jade that she was between 7 and 8 cm dilated. We figured it would be a few more hours until the birth but little Edward had different ideas. Just a little longer than 10 minutes later and his head had been born. Unfortunately the mood soon changed as the midwife felt that the cord was around Edward’s neck. They pulled Jade out of the pool an onto sofa and just moments later he was born, safe and healthy.

He was beautiful! Both mummy and Edward were brilliant and I was so proud of Jade. It is weird to be proud of someone you have only met 3 times but my goodness I was proud of her.

Even though this was the first time I had ever photographed a birth, I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Everyone in the room made sure I got the shots I needed and didn’t make me feel like I was in the way at all. I expected to feel the  complete opposite but I was totally welcome and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Obviously these images are not for everyone and I do not expect everyone to like them so please do not leave any negative comments.

Here is the story of Edward’s birth in pictures, Enjoy x   Birth of Baby Edward (more…)

Mr&Mrs Wain


I absolutely love photographing Weddings, there are so many moments that really remind you that the feeling of love is just amazing.
In September I had the honour of photographing the wedding of Mr&Mrs Wain. It was a small intimate wedding and was absolutely amazing from start to finish. The groom only turned up in a Ferrari and the bride in a blooming stunning Mercedes.

The new Mrs Wain looked stunning as she walked into the room and her husband couldn’t hold back the huge smile on his face when he saw his bride, the look of pure love and nerve all mixed up.  That is the look I always have to capture, the first look of “wow, that’s my bride.” During the ceremony I like to have a little moment were I just look around, not through my lens, and just look at the family and friends. Their faces and their reaction to what is happening right in front of them just makes you realise how right the couple are for each other.

After the ceremony we went to a beautiful little place in Burford called the Windmill Carvery. The views from the balcony were simply stunning and it was a please to photograph the Bride and groom standing on top of the hill.

I would just like to say a huge congratulations to the new Mr&Mrs Wain and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.


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