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Finley’s Deployment mini shoot


Being an RAF family, I totally understand what it is like when a loved one goes away. I have also seen the other side, when I served in the Royal Air Force I spent 6 months away so I know how it feels to miss family back home. There are always young children around me who are missing parents who are away serving the country and I wanted to do something to help them out. something fun that would take their minds of Daddy or Mummy just for a little while. I came up with Deployment mini photoshoots. Any way my first taker was this gorgeous little lad, Finley,  who had the biggest smile I’ve seen for a while. We had loads of fun on both of his photoshoots and I have been told that his dad, who is away at the moment, think’s the pictures are great! Here are my favourites. Enjoy xx (more…)

Royal International Air Tattoo


As you all know, I adore my family. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who light up my life. My life before my family was the military, I served in the Royal Air Force as a Police Dog handler. I loved my job and would have spent my life serving my country…..but then I met Aaron and fell head over heals in love!  Aaron has given me a wonderful life and two gorgeous little girls. So now I live as a military wife, it’s not so bad and it does have it’s perks. For example, the Royal International Air Tattoo. I love everything Military, especially the planes. My eldest daughter is the same, she adores planes. You will notice this in one particular image below. So R.I.A.T is a huge deal to us as a family, we Love it! Anyway, R.I.A.T was last weekend and I took my camera along.   Here are some images from the day. This is my family…….and the red arrows!

Royal Air Force | Red Arrows | R.I.A.T | Katie Garcha Photography (more…)



As this gorgeous little boy is the subject in my award winning picture, I thought I would show you all some more images from his shoot. This was August 2013 when I had only just started my professional career.  (more…)